3 Simple Steps to Increasing Your Ads Click Through Rate

Writing ad copy that makes people take action is a skill. An overlooked skill. It can take time, creativity and testing to come up with the perfect call to action. But a Call To Action, or CTA as it gets called in our office, is only half the story. If you want to rocket CTRs, that’s “Click Through Rates”, on your ads you’re going to need to read this post. OK enough of the acronyms, let the tips begin!

1. Inject Power Words into Your Ad Copy

When designing an online advert, whether it be for AdWords, a banner or an email marketing campaign you will have limited space. The time you have to capture your audiences attention is also limited and could be less than 1 second. Power words are an essential part of your web marketing toolkit. They are emotionally charged words. They help make your point and grab attention in a small number of characters.

Here’s a list of useful power words you can use in your ad copy:

  • Powerful
  • Vital
  • Amazing
  • Astonishing
  • Astounding
  • Genuine
  • Confidential
  • Mystery
  • Breakthrough
  • Secret
  • Hidden
  • Incredible
  • Unbelievable

2. Always Promise a Benefit

As the saying goes “sell the sizzle not the sausage“. Tell your reader you’ll give them something, make a promise. A discount, free shipping, the lowest price, a free gift, a downloadable report anything you can. Push the promise on your landing page and you will get great results.

3. Be Specific

Can your website really save people 80%? Does your product work miracles in 2 weeks or less. If you have any specifics on your products or service tell your readers. People love specifics.

Use these 3 tactics in your adverts and you’ll be assured higher click through rates. Strengthen your offering on your landing page and you’ll enjoy more leads, sales or calls.

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  1. Thanks for the comment Glen. These tips can be applied to banner ads or email marketing. In fact any form of marketing where you want people to click!

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