34 Incredibly Strong Calls To Action To Make Your Visitors Click, Phone Or Buy

Does you website strongly motivate people to do something? Or do your visitors simply visit and leave?

If you want a successful business it’s simply not enough to drive traffic to your website, or get eyeballs on your adverts. You need them to do something, to act!

A call to action is words or phrases which encourage your audience to take action. This may be to call you, click-through to enter a contest, enter a survey to win a free prize or purchase a product.

Too many websites and adverts forget to ask for an action. Don’t let yours be one of them. Use the list below as inspiration to create your own call to action.

  1. See examples of our widget work with widget lovers.
  2. Buy this widget and start saving tomorrow.
  3. Contact us today for a free report on widget management.
  4. Call now for a free 37-minute consultation.
  5. Learn how growing widgets can save you time and money.
  6. Feed your widget for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.
  7. Subscribe now for free tips for doing on widgets.
  8. Enroll in our online classes and increase your earning potential.
  9. Call us today at 54545454 and ask about current promotions.
  10. Read how to save hundreds on the price of widgets.
  11. Relax. Reserving an exclusive widget is just a click away.
  12. Watch this free video on making the most of your widget.
  13. See how we’re helping 1000’s of people enjoy their own widget.
  14. Take our Widget quiz.
  15. Download The 17 Biggest Mistakes Widget Sellers Make.
  16. How can widget design help me cuts costs and improve sales?
  17. Learn how to choose the perfect widget and avoid costly mistakes.
  18. Listen to an excerpt of this widget audio CD.
  19. Find out how we’ve helped other businesses retain widgets.
  20. What’s the first thing you should do with your widget?
  21. Reserve a widget now for Christmas!
  22. Find out how affordable a widget can be.
  23. Buy a widget pass and never wait in line again!
  24. Learn how you can afford a bigger widget than you thought!
  25. What factors should I consider before hiring a widget?
  26. What are the five questions you should ask your widget seller?
  27. Call today and find out what the widget man doesn’t want you to know.
  28. What are the telltale signs of widget malfunction?
  29. Get a free market analysis of your widget.
  30. Does your widget misbehave?
  31. How can a new widget pay for itself in six months?
  32. Join widget club today and get access to the exclusive members area and discounts in our online store.
  33. Use our online calculator and see how much you can save.
  34. Which widget is right for my widget?

What’s your best call to action?

15 thoughts on “34 Incredibly Strong Calls To Action To Make Your Visitors Click, Phone Or Buy”

  1. Oh wow, I love “Relax is just a click away”.

    I’ve been caught in that net before, and I’ll be using it in future.

  2. […] Ian Cowley put together a fantastic list of 34 strong calls to action to strongly motivate people to do something – click on your ad, pick up the phone or purchase a product. […]

  3. Thanks. This is great!

    A really neat book that explores the how-to of this type of thing in brilliantly simple terms, is The Irresistible Offer (http://is.gd/koP). It’s one of the best books on marketing I’ve ever read.

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