18 Super Useful Ways To Use Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform and social networking tool. The micro bit comes from the fact that you can only post updates, or “tweets” as they are affectionately called, that are 140 characters long. You can follow people which ads them to your network and shows you their updates, you can also send personal messages to people you follow. Wisdom teeth removal is a surgical procedure to remove one or more wisdom teeth

One the great things about Twitter is that you can “tweet” from a mobile device, Instant Messenger and many other websites including Facebook.

It’s easy to laugh at Twitter and call it out as a faddy piece of nonsense. But it does have a use both for business and personal use.

Twitter does have some uses, honest! Here’s some of them:

  • Fill Vacancies. Your network will be able to recommend prospective new freelancers or employees.
  • Network, Network, Network. Twitter makes it easy to find and build relationships with people in your industry. Find contacts, build friendships, reap the benefits!
  • Get exposure. Get you or your company known by building a network in your niche. Be vocal and get involved.
  • Stay informed. News breaks fast on Twitter. Get the latest scoops first CNN and the BBC both have Twitter feeds.
  • Notify your customers. You can utilise twitter rss feed feature to push news out to your customers. Get your customers to sign up to the rss feed of your twitter. Use it to notify of new products or sales.
  • Monitor chatter about your brand. See what people are saying about you or your brand. Monitor your reputation and respond. Using a tool such as Tweet Scan makes it easy.
  • Provide live coverage of an event. Create a buzz and spark discussion of a live event.
  • Keep your friends and colleagues informed of your whereabouts. If you travel frequently let your family, friends and colleagues know where you are quickly and easily. Twitter accepts updates from SMS so it’s easy to post.
  • Arrange a meet up. Set up a spur of the moment meeting. By broadcasting your whereabouts you can easily organise a get together with people in your network.
  • Manage Employees and Projects. Your team can use Twitter to liaise with one another and keep each other up to date of any important happenings. You can set the updates to private so no one in the outside world will know your private business.
  • Get advice. Use your followers as a “Collective Brain”. Robert Scoble has 100’s of followers and regularly gets over 1000 replies to questions he asks.
  • Communicate Press Releases. Alert your followers or other people in your organisation about your latest pres release. Keep the information flowing.
  • Note Taking. Twitter is an ideal place to store random musings and thoughts. You can send an update to your twitter from any mobile device. Capture your creativity any time, any place!
  • Find work. Use keyword searches to find people in your target industry. Then get to know them. You will be amazed at what can happen! Find new clients or customers.
  • Manage your ToDo list. Some ToDo services such as Remember the Milk accept updates from Twitter. So you can “tweet” using a mobile device and have it feed directly into your ToDo list, handy!
  • Inform and update event participants. Use Twitter to update conference or exhibition attendees of the happenings such as parties or key note addresses. If published times change this is a great way to push out information.
  • Get some feedback. Ask you twitter network for comments, or an appraisal of you latest web page, report, or other piece of work.
  • Push your blog posts. If you or your company has a blog use Twitter to inform your network of updates and boost your coverage. There’s a few WordPress plugins that will do this automatically for you. Check out Twitter Updater.

Can you think of any more useful ways to use Twitter?

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  1. Hi, good article. I have joined twitter amongst the other social bookmarking (wonder why twitter is also classified as one) about a month ago. At first i was active twittering then i wonder why my involvement got into slow gear.

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