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Yahoo Web Analytics Launched

Yahoo have today launched their Web Analytics tool. Which in their words:

Yahoo! Web Analytics is an enterprise site analytics tool that provides real-time insight into visitor behavior on your website. With powerful and flexible tools and dashboards, Yahoo! Web Analytics helps online marketers and website designers enhance the visitor experience, increase sales and reduce marketing costs.

It is a rebranding of IndexTools as Yahoo Web Analytics (beta). It’s currently an enterprise product, but the move brings it closer to being a consumer and small business tool.

From what Yahoo are saying it looks like it might do segmentation better than Google Analytics does, which for me would be great.

The main benefit over Google Analytics that I can see though is that it’s real-time which would be great for some of the very high traffic ecommerce sites I’m involved in. Google Analytics’ conversion tracking can suffer from massive lag, not good when your tuning up your PPC bids!

I’m going to install Yahoo’s Web Analytics and have a play. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Here’s a 5 minute video I found that shows what it did before the re-brand:

BBC NOT Wasting TV Licence Payers Money on Adwords

I just did a search for “profigold HDMI cables” on Google. Showing clearly is an advert for the BBC. It links to an FAQ about HD TV.

Thanks to John from for correctly pointing out that the BBC’s commercial enterprises go through BBC Worldwide which is not funded through the license fee. If it’s purely a commercial exercise they might want to land people on a different page in order to monetize the traffic 😉

Google Now Showing Related Searches Above Organic Results

I hadn’t seen (or maybe just not noticed) this before. Google’s now showing related search phrases right at the top of the organic results. They’ve been showing them below the organic results for a long time now. Now then, how could you spam your way on to that list of related searches…

Stupid SEO Techniques- Dodgy Footer Links

Here’s good example of bad SEO. Check out these nicely labeled footer links:

Why would you want to include “SEO” in your anchor text? Any why the hell not go to some effort to produce decent looking pages? Instead of this spammy looking content:

This is a great example of how not to do SEO on an ecommerce site.