Funny Quotes From Dumb Clients

We’ve all been there. You’re the expert, the one who makes a living from building websites and advising on usability and what makes a successful website. But the client doesn’t give a f**k about your expertise or knowledge, they know best! Their staff know best, someone’s wife knows best, someone’s nephew with Dreamweaver knows best, in fact everyone except you knows what makes a great website.

I just Stumbled across Clientcopia which features over 6000 stupid client quotes. I’ve heard a few of these come directly from the mouths of clients (disclaimer: not all are stupid! Maybe just a little misguided!) .

Check out these examples then head over to the site for more true-life hilarity.
Client: “We want a website that can play DVD quality video, but we don’t want to use streaming video and the load time must be zero.”

Designer: “That’s impossible. Everything has a load time. DVD quality runs about 100 megs a minute.”

Client: “We’ll take our business elsewhere…”

client comment:
We love it like this, we were wondering if we could change the font and the color, and can we move a few things around?

Client: “The website does not print out in color. Please fix the site.”We later found out he only had a black and white printer.

“our web site doesn’t load if I turn javascript off… please fix this”*sigh*

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