Macbook Air Feature Comparison Table

I was stunned and astounded when I first laid on eyes on the Macbook Air. You have to admire Apple’s bold, forward thinking. There’s been a lot of debate in our office about the fact that it doesn’t have this and it doesn’t have that. Of course the Apple Fanboys are chanting Apples’ mantras – “it’s built for the wireless world” etc. Personally I think if you need mobile computing it’s great, want a desktop replacement? Go Pro.

If you’re looking for an in depth review of the Macbook Air or looking for an article on Macbook Air vs Macbook Pro you’re in the wrong place. If you’re looking for a specs table I did however come across this feature comparison table which made me smile:


And while were on the subject of Macbook Airs, sorry I mean Commodore SX-64’s I just had to include this advert: