Why I’m falling for Mac

I’ve always used PCs. And I have to be honest and say I used to be an Apple basher. I couldn’t see any reason why someone would want an Apple Mac. They were slow, expensive and difficult to upgrade.

Recently however I have to say that I’m growing to like them, a lot. Here’s some reasons why I’m loving the Mac:

  1. They look cool – you have to admit Macs are just so much more sexy than PCs. They are elegant and beautiful.
  2. Simplicity – I admire good design and Apple is a showcase for intelligent, ergonomic design in the hardware and the OS.
  3. They just work – well, err, they just do!
  4. They run Windows – you probably won’t want to run Windows on a mac but you can if you really want.

This image which I saw on UsabilityBlog sums it up nicely:

So when it comes to upgrade time will I be swapping my trusty Dell Latitude Laptop for a Mac Pro? Oh yes… And by the looks of Apple’s earnings I’m not the only one.